Outline your future wishes when making a Will

Making a Will may seem challenging because it is about planning correctly to protect your family, friends or charities.  You must consider all assets you own and how to deal with them. Making a Will to protect your wishes requires planning and careful consideration.  However, there is peace of mind to be felt from protecting your family and putting your wishes into a legal document.

The simplicity or complexity of a Will often depends on how the Will is to be structured, the nature and type of assets (international assets or business interests) and the dynamics of your family.  Every family is different and consideration of yours is essential. Ensuring you have considered all aspects requires good judgement and legal knowledge.  We have seen too many Estate Disputes (Wills being challenged), families left unsure of what should to be done and what wishes need to be carried out.

The question therefore, is not whether you should be making a will but when.

So….what is the next step.  You can either:

  1. read our e-book: “6 things you must know about making a Will” which will provide you with more information,
  2. request from our team a Workbook to help you prepare for making a Will, or
  3. make an appointment to commence creating your Will.

Either way, take one of these steps today.

Our experienced Sunshine Coast team will listen to you to ensure that your wishes and your family’s needs are met with the utmost care and legal professionalism.  Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to assist you with your obligations of Estate Planning, which may also include making a Power of Attorney and/or Advance Health Directive.  These documents support your family or friends to make decision for you until you are able to make them for yourself.  Refer to our pages on Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Directives for more information.

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